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Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Grade 5

Each module includes the opportunity for students to produce one extended project that uses research to address a significant topic, problem, or issue. This entails gathering and integrating relevant information from several additional literary or informational texts in various media or formats on a particular topic or question drawn from one or more texts from the module, taking notes, and categorizing information as well as providing a list of sources.

Students can present their findings in a variety of informal and more formal argumentative or explanatory contexts, either in writing or orally. (Research aligned with the standards could take one to two weeks of instruction.) Ongoing incorporation of research for shorter tasks should also be a regular component of instruction.

Grade5*The chart organizes the standards into four quarter-length modules that include the knowledge and skills students will learn and apply over the course of the year. These modules are offered as optional models to consider when constructing a year-long course of instruction. The chart is meant to illustrate and provide context for the standards (but not replace engaging with the standards themselves).
KellyGiacalone PARCC testing is now finished. Extremely proud of the diligence of the students! Well done, kiddos!
03:57PM May 02
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